Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Statement from Mark Netter - member of the UFL Board of Trustees

August 27, 2013

Last night in a packed special session in the Satterthwaite meeting room, with eight of the trustees in attendance [Mel Farrel was absent], and with Becky Brown taking notes - I counted 25 people at the meeting, some were press members, most were citizens. After a brief statement by Chris Scherer - which I'll post about next - Mark Netter read the following comment as a response to a post on this blog earlier that day - Late August Updates

He provided us with the text of this comment and asked us to share it with you here:

Comments on August 27 2013 UFL Meeting

For the past two months UFL board members, UFL staff, and members of the community have come to understand that there were deep seated issues that must be addressed.

We have listened to the public, and have started the process of change. Some people believe that the board is moving too slowly, there may even be a few thinking otherwise.

Most of the board's meetings take place in public, and that is both the right thing to do as well as the law.

However, the main purpose of tonight's meeting is to have closed session discussions with our attorney and on personnel. That meeting is the board's first with our attorney and is scheduled for 7:00 pm.

Why didn't we find a bigger space? Because of the agenda, I really didn't think that a large number of people would attend just to watch us go into closed session and come back out later with no announcements. To hold this meeting in the Auditorium displaces another group that has a regularly scheduled claim to that space. Moving the board meeting to another facility and making the necessary arrangements seemed wasteful. If I was wrong, I am sorry.

We hope that the members of the public will understand the need for the board to conduct lawfully permitted closed sessions from time to time.

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