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06/11 UFL Board of Directors Meeting Audio

06/13 Do You Ever Read Any of the Books You Weed? - Smile Politely

06/14 Library Director Says Mistake was made book weeding - News-Gazette
06/14 Urbana Free Library Aggressive Weeding Draws Criticism - LIS News
06/14 Urbana Free Library Scrutinized Over Book Weeding - WILL
06/14 Changes at the UFL: FAQs - The Urbana Free Library Website
06/14 An Apology from the Urbana Free Library UFL - UFL Website
06/14 Books To Be Returned to Urbana Free Library - WICD
06/14 An open letter to the Urbana Library - An Ergodic Walk
06/14 Managing a collection is easier without all those books anyway: The Urbana Free’ Library’s lesson for all of us - Pegasus Librarian
06/15 Petition: Hold a public forum and make Lissak explain her decision -

06/16 The Pillaging of a City Library - Inside Higher Ed
06/16 Illinois: “Library Director Says Mistake Was Made in Book ‘Weeding’” - InfoDocket Library Journal

06/17 Miscommunication of Mismanagement - Smile Politely
06/17 Public Outrage Continues Over Urbana Library Director - WILL
06/17 A Letter from the Son of Debra Lissak - Smile Politely
06/17 The next chapter (UFL website) press release

06/18 Wondering about the “weeding” “misstep” at the Urbana Free Library-Retiring Guy’s Digest
06/18 Urbana patrons angry after book removal -
06/18 Urbana residents upset with library books removal - State Journal Register, Springfield
06/18 Urbana library patrons angry after book removal - Pantagraph
06/18 First batch of FOIA documents returned Weeding Spreadsheet, Staff Statements, & Instructions

06/19 What Happened to the Books? - News-Gazette Opinion
06/19 Urbana Library Patrons Express Concern over size and speed of book culling, News-Gazette
06/19 Urbana library board meets tonight - News Gazette
06/19 Conversations about space (Martin Wolske)
06/19 Emergency Board Meeting @ The UFL - UStream UCIMC
06/19 My Take on the UFL Debacle:
06/19 Weekly RoundUp-Urbana Free Library - CU Citizen Access

06/20 Public Statement and Directives from the Urbana Free Library Board - Smile Politely
06/20 Farrel posts on bluestockings about her thoughts on weeding at UFL

06/21 Bookgate: When Urbana Free Library Got Rid of Thousands of Books - Book Riot
06/21 Why do the shelves at Urbana look so empty - Chicago Sun Times

06/22 Urbana Free Library Board Allegedly Violated Law Twice - Smile Politely
06/22 Quotes of the Week - News Gazette

06/24 Urbana Free library caught in community uproar
06/24 Urbana Free library disregards proper weeding procedures
06/24 Forthright library board is a must - News Gazette

06/26 Focus 580 (WILL / Illinois Public Media) - Kathryn La Barre and Carol Tilley will discuss UFL, public libraries, and more, link to archived stream forthcoming (program and link on left side of page)
06/26 Letter to the Editor - Library woes bode ill for the future - News Gazette

06/28 Defensible weeding returns - News Gazette

07/07 Guest Commentary: UFL Board would benefit from more scrutiny /News Gazette by Bill Brown
07/08 Collection or usage: Controversy at the Urbana Free Library / Michael Braun
07/08 Continuing coverage of the situation at Urbana Free Library / Smile Politely SPlog

07/09/13 Library Board meeting tonight at Urbana Free Library / Smile Politely SPlog
07/09/13 Board and Director to pursue early separation agreement / Smile Politely SPlog
07/09 Video Board of Trustees Meeting - open session
07/09 Video Board of Trustees meeting - post-closed session - open meeting
07/09 Urbana to seek early separation with Library Director/ News Gazette
07/09 Library Board Meeting Tonight at the Urbana Free Library
07/10 Can we use this experience to make our library more beloved than ever? / Smile Politely
07/10 Urbana Free Library Board to Director: Go Your Own Way / Retiring Guy’s Digest
07/11 Urbana Free Searching for New Director / WCIA

07/12 Negotiations to begin with Library Director / News Gazette
07/15 Change coming at Urbana Library - editorial News Gazette
07/15 Urbana Free library executive director to leave after book weeding scandal / Daily Illini
07/21 Longtime library leader will be missed - Amber Castens / News Gazette
07/21 Two sides of transparency - public bodies and the public - Barbara Wysoki / News Gazette
07/26 Citizens publish open letter to trustees / Smile Politely

08/01 Sunlight has begun to shine on the Urbana Free Library  - JP Goguen / The Public i
8/14 Board appoints acting director / News Gazette
08/14 Many books find way back to the stacks / News Gazette

08/22/13 Collection bashing & Trashing (Office Hours - Michael Stephens) / LibraryJournal
08/25/13 Illinois has bad government and lots of it/ Tom Kacich - News Gazette
08/27/13 Lissak still working at Urbana Free Library following weeding scandal /WILL
08/27/13 Confusing situation arises from two directors on payroll / News Gazette
08/29/13 One for the books: citizen’s reporting creates collection detailing a controversy

09/05/13 Deal near on library director’s exit. / News Gazette

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