Take Action!

Many people have asked how they can help. Here are a few possibilities.

1) Tell the librarians and staff at Urbana Free Library 'thank you.' Whether they agree or disagree with the changes taking place at the Library, they would benefit from hearing that you value their service. Stop in and say 'thanks' in person. Take a gift of flowers or cookies or hugs. Send the staff a 'thank you' card (The Urbana Free Library, 210 West Green Street, Urbana, Illinois 61801). If you send a note, consider directing it to a particular department (e.g. Circulation, Adult Services, Acquisitions, Children's Services). There is also an online petition expressing solidarity with the staff; each time it is signed, the Library's Executive Director receives an e-mail.

2) Let the Board of Trustees know your ideas and opinions. If possible, attend the Trustees meeting on Tuesday, July 9, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. in the Library's Auditorium. There will be time for public comment, although individual speakers will be limited to 3 or 5 minutes each depending on the number of speakers. If you can't attend the meeting, write or call them. You can find their contact information here: http://urbanafreelibrary.org/board-trustees

3) Let the Library's Executive Director Debra Lissak know your ideas and opinions. She should be in attendance at the Trustees meeting. You can also reach her at dlissak@tufl.info or 217-367-4057. Ask her questions! If you're not sure what to ask, here's a list of questions - most of which remain unanswered - which were raised at the June 19 Trustees meeting.

4) Write a letter to the editor of the News-Gazette. It's important to keep the issues at the Library in the public eye. Information on sending letters can be found here: http://www.news-gazette.com/section/services/reader-services/letters-editor.html

5) Talk with your friends and neighbors. Many people in the Urbana community know that 'something' is happening at the Library, but many people only know what they've read in the local paper or heard on local television. These stories are incomplete and misleading, but you can find additional media coverage here: http://reclaimingourlibrary.blogspot.com/p/in-news.html

6) Read the Library's policies and plans: http://urbanafreelibrary.org/your-right-know Get a sense of the 'big picture' view of the Library. Keep watching this blog from updates and additional information. Stay informed!

7) If you would like to participate in more direct planning and action (e.g. passing out flyers, creating information resources), please send an e-mail to reclaimingourlibrary@gmail.com. Include your name and a brief note about how you would like to be involved. We would welcome small donations or in-kind gifts to support this group's work as well. Copying 150 flyers costs about $20; renting a space at the Urbana Farmer's Market is $10. Feel free to send an e-mail to the address above and we'll provide you with information on how to contribute.

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